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Heroine jeans

$21.00 $30.00

The Heroine jeans are fitted to the waist with a straight, generous leg and a healthy turn up. This is a multi-size paper pattern in an envelope, including sizes 6 – 18. 

1.5cm seam allowance is included in the pattern unless otherwise stated.
Skill level: Experienced but achievable if you take it step by step!

This is a pattern that we would advise making a toile first, firstly to adjust the fit if needed but secondly to familiarise with the pattern instructions. We have not used a traditional run and fell jeans seam, we have chosen instead to topstitch the seam, which is easier to achieve on a domestic machine. We have found that a heavy duty thread rather than a topstitch thread gives a more authentic look to the topstitching and is easier to use. You may find that you get a better stitch using a matching standard ‘sew all’ thread in the bobbin.