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LDH - 9" Midnight Edition Pinking Shears

$57.00 $64.00
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Description: The LDH Midnight Edition Pinking Shears are known for being buttery smooth and powerful enough to cut through virtually any kind of fabric such as leather, vinyl, denim, and other materials. Crafted from premium Stainless Steel with the signature LDH Midnight coating.  They are one of the World's first all-black pinking shears. These pinking shears can be used for sewing, quilting, and dressmaking.  

Handle: Right
Series: Midnight collection
Length of blade: 9 inches 
Weight: 244 grams
Brand: LDH
Price:  94
Made in: Shenzhen, China
Materials used: Crafted from heavy-duty, industrial grade carbon steel and finished with their signature Midnight coating.

  *This pair of pinking shears is right-handed.*