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Kai Tailoring Shears - 7205

$85.00 $94.00
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Description: Kai Scissors are considered one of the top tier brands on the scissor market and the 7205 shears are no exception. Featuring a smaller blade length and overall quite lightweight these would be perfect for a sewist who may have a smaller grip and doesn't enjoy the weight of heavier blades, but still wants a high quality shear. The smaller length of 7.8cm from tip to screw are perfect for trimming or close cutting.
Series: Professional 7000 Series7
Model: 7205 -205mm
Length of blade: 7.8cm
Weight: 147 grams 
Brand: Kai
Price:  $140
Made in: Japan
Materials used: Blades made of high-carbon Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel, handle made from Elastomer soft plastic.