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The start of a new year tends to bring about resolutions, goals and endless lists.
For me I subscribe to the latter two for most areas in my life and sewing is no different. Although for the most part I am a stay at home mum who works, I also volunteer, have a very active social life, do lots of life stuff, and I work hard in my little business, so I find my sewing time quite limited. 
To make the most of it, I'm putting together a list of items I want to sew for the year. I plan to print out a spreadsheet of these projects and display them in my sewing area, I'm hoping this will give me some accountability to start and finish them!
My summer sewing plans: Lisa dress, Carolyn Pj's, Sapporo coat, Mccalls dress and Violette dress
In no particular order: 
Pattern: Sapporo coat V2.0
Fabric: The most amazing Grey & Blue leopard print in wool. A matching blue satin for the lining, which may or maynot be too heavy as a lining.
Notes: I plan to use selected couture methods to make this coat, and get help with the fitting from an expert. I'll be aiming for warmth, so I plan to slightly lengthen the sleeves and potentially underline the body with thinsulate.
Pattern: Mccalls 7627
Fabric: Painted Gingham Blueberry Cotton (Sarah Jane Studio) purchased from the now closed Craft Depot in NSW.
Notes: I am a fan of wrap dresses, and honestly I think I own most of the big 4 wrap dress patterns.  When I saw Safety Net dress by Gorman (19/20 summer campaign) I knew exactly what fabric I would use and set about finding a similar pattern, it took 4 visits to Spotlight for it to finally be in stock, but I thankfully got it just before christmas in 2019.
Pattern: Violette Dress
Fabric: Stardust double gauze in Amarante 
Notes: I'm currently muslining this pattern out in rayon, and I definitely have some thoughts on improving the pattern. I love the fabric, so I'll reserve judgement on using the pattern until it's finished. So basically this one is a maybe. 
Pattern: Carolyn Pj's 
Fabric: Rayon - yet to be decided.
Notes: Rayon Pj's are my favourite pjs to wear, however they have a habit of shrinking, so I'm going prewash my rayon several times in a row and hopefully that will help. After trying on a friends pair, I may raise the waist a tad. Also I won't be adding piping, while aesthetically pleasing, I don't find it comfortable to sleep in.

Pattern: Lisa Dress by Tessuti Patterns
Fabric: Sketching in class from the shop
Notes: I am extremely excited to finally be making the Lisa dress up. I got to try this on a while back, and know that I need to size down and like most of the Tessuti patterns I need to redraft the armholes. I really hope the gathering doesn't give off a maternity vibe, but I'll still wear it regardless. 

Other patterns I want to make up:
Some longsleeve Abb Tee, Scout tee and more shell tops.
It's an ambitious plan, and I have no intention on finishing it by summer, I'm hopeful to get some of it done for next summer. 
Thanks for reading. 


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