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Lady McElroy Stockists in Australia and New Zealand.

Lady McElroy is one of the biggest growing trends in the Australian & New Zealand sewing community and there are so many reasons why. They have an amazing collection of prints ranging from florals, geometric, abstract to bright modern and quirky, the range is endless. My personal favourites are sketching in class and anything with bugs!
Lady McElroy is known for having high quality bases cloth with the standouts being cotton lawn and viscose challis, which is what Seamstress Fabrics stock.

However, I don’t stock everything as the range is just too big and I frequently get asked where to buy more, so I thought I would write this handy post to help you buy some beautiful fabric. 😊

In Australia:

First up is us, Seamstress Fabrics. 😊







New Zealand:

Miss Maude’s currently doesn’t have any stock listed on their website, but that may change in the future.

If you have made it this far, I hope you find some new stores and some amazing Lady McElroy prints.

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